Quality & Safety

About Quality & Safety


The District of Columbia Hospital Association (DCHA), Members and Associate Members are committed to foster a culture of quality and patient safety that drives positive health outcomes for patients, staff and the community.  DCHA member hospitals are committed to a philosophy of collaboration, not competition, when it comes to quality and patient safety. 

DCHA will support and drive collective solutions among its membership to target quality improvements and to document and elevate the quality profile of District hospitals through: 

  1. Dissemination of best practices by facilitating learning and innovations to improve health care quality, safety and service across the District of Columbia,
  2. Identifying resources and convening multi-stakeholder coalitions focused on developing and implementing improvement initiatives for the hospitals, other health care stakeholders and the community, and
  3. Documenting member quality and patient safety performance improvement efforts to elevate the quality profile of the District’s hospitals in continuing their delivery of positive health outcomes.