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December 14, 2018 Update: Providence Health System Provides Clarification on their Announcement to Continue Providing Emergency Services through April 30, 2019

This is to clarify a previous communication regarding Providence Hospital operations. Providence’s Emergency Care Center remains open, fully staffed, and available to serve the District of Columbia community, with the same range of services that we have always provided to support our emergency care patients, including an inpatient unit, lab, diagnostic imaging, respiratory care, discharge planning, and other ancillary services and support.

Following helpful discussions with elected officials, the Department of Health, the DC Hospital Association, and members of the community, Providence will continue to operate the emergency care center through April 30, 2019, as previously described.

Further, Providence will continue to maintain primary care services both on campus and at the Perry Clinic, outpatient behavioral health services, the Center for Infectious Disease, Carroll Manor, and services at the Police & Fire Clinic and Catholic University of America Student Health.

For patients seeking to get in touch with their physician, Providence has established a dedicated call center—202-854-7000—to direct patients in that regard. Call center hours will be 7:30 am – 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


On July 25, Providence Health System announced plans to better align our services with the needs of the District. To dedicate the time and resources needed to pursue a transformational model of health care, Providence will continue to provide care for patients until December 14, 2018. At that time, Providence will transition out of all services except for Carroll Manor and primary care services.

DCHA recognizes that this service transition impacts not only Providence Health System but the residents and hospitals of the District of Columbia. In coordination with Providence Health System and our government partners, DCHA convened a Services Transition Task Force to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. 

The Task Force developed four work groups or priority areas (Emergency Departments, Inpatient, Workforce and Communications) to meet and provide recommendations. This page will be updated periodically with information about the transition to ensure transparency and to provide stakeholders with all the information available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the hospital transitioning its services?

  • Providence is adapting to the changing health care needs of our community.
  • This transition will allow Providence to provide health care in a new way that best serves the needs of our community with a stronger focus on prevention and wellness.·
  • Providence is making this change to dedicate the time and resources needed to pursue a transformational model of health care.

When will this transition take place?

  • The hospital will be closing on December 14, 2018 and will be transitioning out of all services except for Carroll Manor and primary-care related services.

What are primary-care related services?

  • With a keen focus on keeping people healthy, Providence will continue to offer Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Geriatrics. Services previously offered through their Wellness and MyHealth GPS programs, will be incorporated into primary care practices, providing a much more cohesive approach to care.
  • In addition, Providence will continue to provide services that support the overall well-being of the communities they serve. Those services will include Outpatient Behavioral Health, Police and Fire Clinic, and Catholic University. 

Will jobs be impacted?

  • While this transition will provide new opportunities, it also will result in changes to work and staffing.
  • Providence leadership and Human Resources teams are working to ensure they support all associates during this time with dignity and respect.

How will this transition impact the community?

  • By creating a new model of transformation that is not tied to a single hospital facility, Providence will continue to live out their mission to serve all persons, especially those who are struggling the most. Providence is evaluating models of providing health services to the District, particularly in the communities that are impacted most by health inequities.
  • Providence is confident the community’s hospital and health needs will continue to be served as many high-quality providers remain in the area.

How will Providence provide health care in this new way?        

  • Providence will continue to work with community leaders, elected officials, the DC Hospital Association, and other health care institutions and partners through this important transformation.
  • This process will benefit from the direct involvement of local and national thought leaders at the forefront of population health strategies.

  • Ascension has committed to support this important work by investing upwards of $30 million.

  • Providence will have more detailed plans to share by mid-2019 and looks forward to providing updates in the coming months.

Providence Health System Leading Changes to Address Health Disparities in the Community

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